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Writing Classes, MFAs, and Instruction:

Writing classes, writing conferences, writing workshops, and writing degrees such as an MFA provide writers grow and become more confident. There are a wide variety of programs, from weekend conferences to mult-year Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degrees. Often, the workshops and classes provide budding writers access to more experienced and often renowned authors. Many say that writers are either born with the gift, or not. But the other saying is that writing, like any craft, requires patience and practive. The resources below will help writers hone their skills and maximize their natural talent.

Education Resources - MFA Writing Programs - Online Programs - Other Writing Programs


Education Resources

MFA in Creative Writing and University Writing Programs

Universities and colleges offer a variety of MFA and creative writing programs. Many univerities now offer a low-residency MFA. In these programs, much of the coursework is done remotely, usually online. Students in the program then gather several times per year on campus to meet the faculty, their fellow students, and to hold workshops and seminars.

Other MFA programs meet in the evenings so that students can maintain a full-time job. Other programs are more traditional, and require students to meet in-person to workshop their writing and meet with professors and peers.

Below is a list of MFA programs. We'll be adding more detail in the future:

Online Writing Programs

Other Writing Programs



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