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Publishing Advice:

If you've finished writing your book then congratulations! But know that's just the first step in the entire publishing process, and one that is often the easiest. Getting published begins the business process of your writing endeavor and many authors find that it is often the most time consuming and frustrating. You can control your plot after-all but you can't make an agent or publisher take you on. Many writers need some assistance and publishing advice to stear them through the process.

Below are articles and information about the business of publishing as well as tips on how to write a query letter, approach an agent, and more. Reading them will give illuminate the process for you and provide a leg-up in the quest to turn your manuscript into a published book.

Publishing Business - Getting Published - Query Letter Advice - Self Publishing


Publishing Advice: Publishing Business

Publishing Advice: Getting Published

Publishing Advice: Query Letter Advice

Publishing Advice: Self Publishing



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