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Home: Writing Blogs: This growing collection of Blogs will bring you behind the scenes of the publishing industry. Read what an editor really thinks, how a writer reacts to signing a book contract, and many of the other musings of writers, editors, agents, reviewers, and book lovers.

Writing Blogs:
General - Publishing Related - Christian - Crime Fiction - Romance & Erotica - Suspense - Science Fiction - Young Adult

Writing Blogs: General

  • Adam Aash: Your daily entertainment scout. Books, thoughts, laughs, and links from a lit-crazy NYC writer and reader. Plus a funny serial novel every Friday.

  •  A Writer's Life: The whinings and rantings of tv writer and novelist Lee Goldberg.

  • Backstory: Where authors share the secrets, the truths, or just the illogical moments that sparked our fiction.

  • Beatrice: Some interesting author inverviews from an experienced blogger.

  • Bookmouth: features author interviews, as well as interviews with people making cool things happen in the publishing scene.

  • Book Review Blog: Reviews of recently released books by published author Debra Hamel.

  • Booksquare: News and views for authors.

  • The Fiction Writing Blog: Writing, exercises, prompts and more from writing coach and bestselling author Emily Hanlon..

  • Flogging the Quill: Pursuing the art and craft of storytelling.

  • Gienna Writes A general writing blog by a working writer with links to writing resources, media news and commentary, personal essays, occasional fiction, mostly crappy poems, and anything else that might strike a writer's fancy.

  • Grumpy Old Bookman A blog about books and publishing, aimed at both readers and writers. Listed by the Guardian as one of the top ten literary blogs.

  • I'm Not Really a Waitress A waitress who also writes. Or a writer who also waits.

  • Ken Foster New York Times Notable Author discusses his publishing experiences.

  • Moby Lives News and commentary about books and writers. Affiliated with Melville House Books.

  • Moorish Girl: Features literary news, commentary, book reviews and author interviews as well as occasional political and cultural links.

  • Smart Bitches Who Love Trashy Novels: A website that reviews romance novels from a couple of smart bitches who will always give it to you straight.

  • Venus on Top: Can she make it to the top of the bestseller list? Follow the adventures of a new author learning the ropes of the bookbiz.

  • Writer's Blog: Blog with daily news from the writing world. Good dose of fiction writing thrown in.

Writing Blogs: Publishing Related

  • Agent 007 on Publishing: A book editor becomes an agent and tells it like it is.

  • Buzz, Balls, and Hype: Advice and insight from author MJ Rose on the publishing industry.

  • Blog on writing and getting published from several writers who have been "published in a few literary journals, piled up hundreds of rejection letters, worked in bookstores, and followed the industry."

Writing Blogs: Christian

Writing Blogs: Crime Fiction

  •  The Crime Fiction Dossier: Musings on the world of crime fiction, including books, reviews, authors, movies, television and more. Also includes commentary on publishing, reading and reviewing.

  •  the short of it: Thoughts and reviews on short fiction in general and short mystery fiction in particular.

Writing Blogs: Romance & Erotica
  • Romancing the Blog: Blog with romance writers contributing columns on what's hip, what's now, what's tomorrow in the romance world.

  • Crimson Ink and Caviar Dreams: Professional editor and voracious reader offers opinions on publishing, romance, and erotica..

  • Erotica with Soul Blog from best-selling ebook erotica writer Diana Laurence.

Writing Blogs: Suspense

Writing Blogs: Science Fiction

  • This Writing Life: Sc-fi writer Ian Hocking details the details of his writing life. Just published his first novel.

  • Neil Gaiman Journal: Award winning cartoonist, novelist, and graphic novelist. Discusses the release of his work and takes questions in his journal.

  • Read My Lips: Blog from writer Terence Russell, writer who published his book through Lulu and is trying to drum up sales.

  • Every Seed is a Forest: A blog of fiction (a science fiction satire, The Best Networker in Babbleon) and various essays about what it is like to be an American traveling in Ireland.

Writing Blogs: Young Adult

  • Blogging it Up: Journal of YA author who just received a publishing contract. Insight into newly signed writer's experiences.

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